Dinosaur Husbandry Creature Spotlight 2: Stegoceras

Creature Spotlight: Stegoceras (Dinosaur Husbandry Issue #2)

Stegoceras is widespread in both the prehistoric past and the human-made present, conveniently-sized, and easy to keep. Taking all of this into account, it’s of little wonder that so many paleozoos exhibit this wonderful dinosaur. Our second Creature Spotlight feature aims to cover this charismatic Cretaceous herbivore. Continue reading

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Dinosaur Husbandry Creature Spotlight 1: Tyrannosaurus

Creature Spotlight: Tyrannosaurus (Dinosaur Husbandry Issue #1)

One of the most famous – arguably the most famous – large theropod dinosaurs, the titanic Tyrannosaurus is a superstar in any paleozoological park that houses it. Almost everyone knows the story of the birth and maturation of the members of the famous Red Rock, River Runner, and Deadwood bands. But just how much work does it take to house the tyrant king? For our very first installment of the Creature Spotlight, we’ll be giving you a quick look at the husbandry of this massive predator. Continue reading

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Introduction to Dinosaur Husbandry

Rappy here, with the first new series of dumb shit I do when I feel like it. This is more or less a random writing exercise for me, for when I don’t feel up to writing roleplaying game stuff with stats and rules and note-taking and all that jazz. I figured that rather than just writing them and leaving them dead and buried or just deleting them, I’d actively share them, because why not.

The Explanation

I’m not really sure how the idea came to mind. Considering it was some time between my last trip to a zoo and my viewing of Jurassic World, I can assume that those probably have something to do with it. Regardless of just what caused it, the idea that came out was to do thought exercises of a world where Jurassic Park-style prehistoric animal attractions are a very real thing, with the animals grounded in science even if the rsurrection-of-species science wasn’t. Continue reading

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